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so true   
04:37pm 27/11/2015
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this one just had to be on here    
11:27pm 03/05/2014
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08:04am 07/02/2014

... i actually have a date...
with my dentist
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while the music is lip-sync....   
10:35am 25/01/2014
  the feeling is .. slightly off

10:06pm 13/01/2014
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ah, tips. good   
07:33pm 25/06/2013
07:37am 18/04/2013
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alcohol abuse   
06:17am 02/03/2013
  An accidental spill at a Chivas whisky plant in Scotland sent thousands of gallons of Scotch into the sewer.

LONDON — A massive spill at a Chivas plant has sent the smell of spirits flowing through a Scottish sewer and sorrow coursing through the hearts of Scotch whisky fans.

Chivas Brothers Ltd. spokeswoman Jennifer Stevenson says the group is investigating what she described as an "accidental loss" of spirit at the company's bottling plant in Dumbarton, Scotland, on Feb. 26.

She declined to estimate how much of the bulk whisky had been lost, saying only that it was less than the 4,755 gallons mentioned in media reports.

Bulk whisky can be used in various ways, and it wasn't immediately clear which Chivas brand the liquid was meant to fill.
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public service announcement   
05:56am 02/03/2013
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09:58pm 25/01/2013
timeline marker...    
01:06pm 04/01/2013
  ok, hoorde m maandag al,
maar toch.
yet again...    
08:46am 22/12/2012

chocobisquit. 20cm
Icing rand (grote tube is krapaangenoeg voor de 20cm)
vulling, orange marmelade en banketbakkersroom
afgesmeerd met botercreme en marsepein
so true   
07:05am 21/12/2012
o wow.. november 2013...    
12:13pm 20/12/2012

.. enders game

can t wait
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place this on my wishlist for giftshopping please...    
02:59pm 15/12/2012
toch zijn er dingen veranderd...    
11:17pm 03/12/2012
  .. je hebt tegenwoordig toch snel een best goeie camera mee....

scheelt ook met t stage opbouwen dat je wat te doen hebt ook.. enzo.
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08:26pm 05/11/2012
02:21pm 29/10/2012
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love the interwebs   
06:24am 18/10/2012
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ah.. so cute   
07:59am 09/10/2012
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